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K1200GT Helibars Set

K1200GT Helibars Set

K1200 GT HeliBars Tour Performance® Handlebar Relocation Adapters

Heli Modified is proud to add its latest Tour Performance ® bar relocation adapter for the K1200GT to its growing line of Sport Touring comfort products.
The new HeliBars Tour Performance ® HR adapter positions the bars 1" (25mm) closer to the rider.

The new Heli Tour Performance® HR adapter positions the bars 1” (25mm) closer to the rider.

Part # HR9017

Tour Performance® HR (Handlebar Relocation) Adapter

Heli Modified’s 360° design approach balances mechanized function with visual aesthetics .
Notice how the Tour Performance® HR adapter (center) flows between the factory handlebar components (top and bottom).
The surface finish of the HR adapter matches the factory handlebars.

Ram ball mount installation on the left side of the Tour Performance® HR adapter.
The location of our threaded accessory mounts are ideal for multiple radio/radar/GPS uses.

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K1200GT Helibars  Set