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Honda VFR800 (98-01) Set

Honda VFR800 (98-01) Set

Silver 1 1/8 taller, 1 1/2 inch rear

VFR800 (98-01)

1 1/4” taller
1 1/2” rearward

Stock Cables, Hydraulic Lines and Bar Ends
Silver Powder Coat

NEW FOR 2008!

2008 marks the 20th year of VFR HeliBars® production, and to celebrate this success we have re-engineered and re-styled this icon of sport touring comfort.

First we studied the immense amount of feedback we’ve received from our VFR customers over the years. The height, setback and angles of our current VFR800 HeliBars so perfectly matche the ergonomics of this machine that only a few desire any change at all. What some wished for was the ability to adjust the bars a bit higher. As always, we listened.

For 2008, our new VFR800 HeliBars receive a low profile clamping lug with one 8mm pinch bolt. This slimmer clamp allows the bar to be raised while still providing full clamping pressure on the fork tubes. A new riser tube with a smaller diameter and a thicker cross section was engineered to increase rigidity and strength while reducing the transfer of what little vibration emanates from the V-Four.

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Honda VFR800 (98-01)  Set