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GSXR 1000 (05-08) Set

GSXR 1000 (05-08) Set

GSXR 1000 (05-08)

HeliBars® Suzuki GSXR 1000 handlebar and riser:
Brand new for 2006, Heli Modified is pleased to offer its newest set of HeliBars for the GSXR 1000.

1 1/2" taller
5/8" more rearward
Maintains stock width

Making today's sport bikes more comfortable is no easy task. Just look at how tight the control components are to the Heli Bars.

Our unique and compact investment cast risers allowed us to address every clearance issue we faced while engineering the latest Heli Bar for the '05 GSXR 1000.

High strength alloy steels, meticulous welds and model specific design approach guarantees our customers the most comfortable sport riding experience possible.

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GSXR 1000 (05-08)  Set