Comfort for the short and the long haul.

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This webshop is specially created for Heli Modified  handlebar risers and all other Heli products.
You can buy or order the Heli parts through this webshop.

If you have any questions or special orders please drop us an email at: Helibars Europe

Prices are in Euro and include VAT.

Dealer inquiries are welcome. Please include your VAT number

What are HeliBars?

HeliBars® handlebars give you a better, more comfortable riding position so you can tack on the miles and leave pain in the dust.
And whether you’re standing at a stop light in town or flying down a long lonesome desert highway, precision-built
HeliBars transform and improve your bike’s handling and performance. More than just drop-dead gorgeous,
HeliBars meticulous hand-crafted designs are the pinnacle of style and performance.
When it comes to safety, precision engineered HeliBars improve your control and reduce fatigue for safer riding and long-distance touring.
So get a grip and go long with HeliBars. An American original.