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BMW S1000XR 2015+ verhoger Set

BMW S1000XR 2015+ verhoger Set

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New to HeliBars Horizon model line is this two-axis handlebar system that works on the stock mounting clamps for the BMW S1000XR.  It gives the rider the right height and pull back along with making the bars 2" narrower to provide ultimate control both on and off road.

0-1" (0-25mm) Taller**
0-2.5" (0-62.5mm) Rearward**
2" (50mm) Narrower** (at 30.5" width)

All original cables and hydraulic lines are retained

**Please note that these are the true measurements taken at the wrist position, not at the fixing point or fork or triple clamp, the shape and angles of the HeliBars product give the final result required and indicated in the product description.
Full installation instructions are available to download prior to purchase should you wish to see them, if you are unable to find the instructions do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily provide them for you.

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BMW S1000XR 2015+ verhoger  Set