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VFR1200 standaard Set

VFR1200 standaard Set

This does NOT fit the DCT version.

New HeliBars for the 2010 VFR1200R

The new VFR's fairing and fuel tank really created a design challenge for the development of a HeliBar to improve the stunning new machine's long distance comfort.  It took several prototypes and lots of refinements to get it right, nearly 3 times longer than our normal development time for a new HeliBar design.  The time was well spent and we are very excited about our n ewest member of our VFR HeliBar Family.Although, this bar is not as tall and rear offset as some owners might like, we designed a HeliBar with the most comfortable hand position the bike would allow and it works with all stock hydraulics, cables and control wire looms.

   * 2" (50 mm) Taller
   * 1" (25 mm) Rearward
   * 1" (25 mm) Wider  (at 26 1/2)
   * 8 degree reduction in downward angle
   * 3.18 degree reduction in rearward angle

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VFR1200 standaard  Set