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Kawa ZX14 (06-13) ZZR1400 Stuk

Kawa ZX14 (06-13) ZZR1400 Stuk

ZX14 / ZZR1400Tour Performance Handlebar Risers (2006-2013)

HeliBars® Kawasaki ZX14 handlebar risers:
Tour Performance Bar Relocator Riser Block

20 mm (3/4") taller
10mm (3/8") rear offset

CNC Machined from solid Billet Aluminum
Black anodized finish
Hardware is supplied
10 minutes installation

The cut-outs in the forward sides of the fuel tank / air filter cover and the "wind cheating" fairing left little room for a taller and more offset HeliBars, so we did the next best thing. We raised the factory bars with our Tour Performance handlebar riser.
The high precision fit of our new ZX14 handlebar adapters install perfectly under the stock bars and raise them the maximum amount possible while leaving safe clearances when the bars are moved lock to lock.
The adapters receive a beautiful and durable black anodized finish which blends in nicely with the stock clip-ons.
A small gutter is machined into the fork tube bore that allows water to drain out and prevent corrosion - a simple but effective addition.
High quality hardware is included and installation is a simple 10 minute affair.

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Kawa ZX14 (06-13)  ZZR1400  Stuk