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Honda F6B / GL1800 LST multi-axis adjustable handlebars Set

Honda F6B / GL1800 LST multi-axis adjustable handlebars Set

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HeliBars® Horizon™ LST (Luxury Sport Touring) multi adjustable handlebars for Honda F6B & GL1800 Goldwing (all years 2001-onwards)

The most comfortable handlebar design in the world is also the best performance upgrade for all GL1800 / F6B front forks.

This is because the stock handlebars suffer from a high degree of flexing and to make matters worse, the left and right bars flex independently of each other. What is felt as a flexing fork is actually the handlebars flexing between the rider's hands and their mounts on the top triple clamp.
This is a fact and not just our opinion, our customers and dealers have verified our findings.
We have now compiled a huge amount of feedback and we keep hearing the same comments over and over:

"My bike handles so much better now."
"Handling at low and high speeds is vastly improved."
"I ride with a higher degree of confidence now."
"My trike feels like I have power steering."
"My bike feels 300 pounds lighter now."

The Horizon LST eliminates that "rubbery" handlebar feeling due to it's rigid, investment cast A-356-T6 aluminum alloy risers and robust interconnected cross bar design. The left and right side grip tubes are now rigidly connected to each other and the forks, providing dramatically improved handling with reduced effort. The Horizon also provides many safety features should you forget to fully tighten any of the pivots after making an adjustment.
Luxury sport touring has never been this good, and because they're completely adjustable you can find your own personal sweet spot. So whether you've spent a fortune on your front forks or they're completely stock, cure the real handling problem at the source.

Prove to yourself that we're not exaggerating, and enjoy the best ride of your life!
HeliBars® Horizon™ LST Model Specifications
Positioning adjustable in no less than 3 ways: Bars rotate up and down, forwards and backwards, inwards and outwards
Up to 2.5" (6cm) taller** than stock handlebars depending on adjustment combinations
Up to 4" (10cm) closer** to the rider than stock depending on adjustment combinations
Wrist angle adjusts over a 36 degree sweep forward and back with safety rotation limiters. No more cramped feeling when doing tight turns at low speed!
Vastly improved leverage and handling especially at lower speeds
All necessary components included for start to finish installation
Uses all factory cables, hydraulics and wire looms
Uses stock damper assemblies and bar end weights (see YouTube video for damper assembly removal)
2-3 hour installation time for Wing-familiar mechanics
High strength alloy aluminum construction, CNC machined on state of the art Mori Seiki machines
1" (25mm) diameter interconnecting cross bar provides an expansive area to mount gadgets
Durable UV resistant black powdercoat finish

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 Honda F6B / GL1800 LST multi-axis adjustable handlebars   Set